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Creative Nonfiction

"First Person: On the Radio, Almost."

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (June, 2014)

"Music and Dance, 1974." A narrative of my first summer of dance at Chautauqua in 1974. A #CHQ story for the Chautauquan Daily website. (June 28, 2012). 

"First Person: My General Store." 

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. (August 15, 2010) 


New York Times Magazine, letter to the editor, Sunday, October 18, 2015.

Mental Floss, letter to the editor, June, 2015.

In response to Diana Nelson Jones' column in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (July 5, 2011), "Downtown Cleanup Calls for Superhero," my featured letter to the editor (July 14, 2011), "Forget the Superhero Summon the Grannies."

"Show Your Library That You Love It." Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, featured letter to the editor. (April 5, 2009)


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